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Botanic Garden Show

Botanic Garden Show

Pocpockets Model Information Card

Brooke & Lyla (Special thanks)
The elder sister is 4 years old & younger is under 1 year

Benny & Adalyn
Sister is 4 years old, younger brother is 1 year old

From United States🇺🇸

Jocelyn and Leah took PocPockets' most dedicated and cutest models to the Botanic Garden for a fashion show! The children's performance is great! Thank two moms for their wonderful shooting!

We always feel that it is so lucky to have friends who grow up together! In the carefree childhood, daily companionship and play will turn into precious and eternal memories of growth!
Just like PocPockets, I hope that the most cost-effective fashion clothes can warm and accompany all babies to grow up healthy and happy together, turning into a growing mark from a recorded video or some photos!

Ps: Lyla was sick and did not participate in this fashion show, but we are still very grateful! There will be many such opportunities in the future, and we will see her wonderful display! Wish our Lyla always be healthy and happy!


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