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The foot has a precise structure which consists of 52 bones, 66 joint tissues, 40 muscles, more than 200 ligaments and abundant blood vessels and nerves. The foot can bear 1.5 times of your weight in daily walking and more than 3 times of your weight in running. The amazing constructure of the feet by the creator is the cornerstone of human beings' survival, evolution and reproduction since we learned to walk upright 3 million years ago.

Specific to individual, as the foundation of our body, the foot is also the engine of all movements, which directly affects the whole body. However, the foot problems are often ignored by people. Influenced by genetics, environment and bad habits, the foot is prone to cause Flatfoot, Finger valgus, Bursa of thumb, Plantar fasciitis and other foot diseases. In addition to the discomfort of the foot itself, it will also affect the lumbar and cervical vertebrae, knee joint and hip joint, causing long-term harm to personal health, mobility and life quality.

Since its establishment in 2008, Mildsun has been committed to promoting foot rehabilitation and health care, devoting itself to the research and development of foot rehabilitation products, and providing supporting product solutions for common foot problems. Meeting the functional requirements as far as possible to take into account the comfort, convenience, strong tolerance, long-lasting antibacterial & anti odor, bringing a better experience to users.

In 2010, Mildsun expanded its products field. We started to focus on researching and developing sports injuries, rehabilitation care, fitness products based on our rich experience and strong developing capabilities which helped physical injuries caused by sports. Then Mildsun advanced to become the developer and manufaturer for sports and personal care products which determined the company's product framework model.

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Our advantage is that combines research, development and sales (no middleman) into one, which greatly improves efficiency and minimizes the cost to provide you with the most cost-effective products.


Inspired by your needs, our products will be regularly updated to provide you with the most comfortable and effective products.

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We want to use varied contract prices to benefit every customer, welcome the relevant clubs and businesses in the professional field to cooperate with us directly (inquiries are welcome), we can provide you with customized products, packaging services and so on.

We hope that our products can help you to solve your physical injury problems, bring more comfort and confidence in your life, and arrive at the dream other shore.

Customer satisfaction is the core of what we do.

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