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Our Story


Let us start with thank you, thank you for taking precious time to know more about us, hope you have found your favorite products and collocation in our store!


We are a unique boutique, jointly launched by a group of mothers Tiffany, Emmy, Dora etc. who are fascinated with kids fashion.


When we were pregnant, we often gathered together to communicate and inspire each other that our common vision is that providing stylish and affordable clothes to those moms who also love kids fashion, and gathering more mom fashionista to share ideas together. Then PocPockets was born, we put our whole heart and soul into this website, which represents the perseverance of mothers.


Due to different life experiences of our co-founders, PocPockets is varied but unique.


Tiffany's story

I had worked in a e-commerce transnational corporation for nearly 10 years, and gained rich experience in the supply chain field. My favorite thing is to fly with Emmy all over the world to search and develop unique products. So far, PocPockets has directly cooperated with many factories of origin in the United States, Mainland China, Hong Kong, South Korea, Japan and other places to ensure the quality of the products and the affordable price. Of course, I will continue to cooperate with more factories and surprise you every week.


Emmy's story

In the past few years, I have been engaged in aesthetics-related work for a long time because of my designer identity. My favorite thing is to buy cute clothes to dress up my baby after I had my baby girl. This is a simple but happy thing during my boring housewife life. I usually discuss with baby celebrity mothers online about fashion elements and fashion trends to make sure our website always walks in the world front about fashion. I think my work is full of surprise, it's amazing! I love it! (Learn more about Brand Ambassador Program)


Dora's story

I have been engaged in various communication types of job since the beginning of work, and I love chatting with people very much. I have always felt that the job of customer service is a challenging but warm job. Your satisfaction and approval always inspire me to step foreward, I am full of gratitude and enthusiasm.




There are a lot of enthusiastic co-workers work together, to offer best service for you who like PocPockets.


We focus on providing affordable, diverse, cute and practical baby apparels, so that every baby will have a fashionable and memorable childhood. We hope that more mothers will join our Affiliate Program and realize the vision of "self-purchase to save money, distribution to make money". (Learn more about Affiliate Program)


We are all fascinated by children and want to share our style to you all! We will always adhere to our goal to provide you with simple, stylish and cute clothes at a lowest price, and serve you with supreme support and guidance. We will always take care of our customers and mothers to ensure your satisfaction and approval.


As a caring and responsible e-commerce company for maternal and child products, we totally understand how important the safety and health of mother and child are. We will donate part of our income to some women and children protection.